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Paint.NETŪ Tools
The following tools may help you if you are a user of the digital photo editing application Paint.NET®:

PDNSelectionManager, pdn2xcf, xcf2pdn, pdn2png, png2pdn, pdn2bmp, bmp2pdn, ImPDF.FileType, ImXCF.FileType, ImPDN, PDN Synaptics Touchpad Gestures (Under development: pdn2psd, psd2pdn)
Aliases: pdntoxcf, xcftopdn, pdntopng, pngtopdn, pdntobmp, bmptopdn

If you like to see a comparision between blend modes in digital photo editing applications then take a look here: Comparison of blend modes

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ImPDN see 'IrfanView Tools'

PDN plugin for the digital image viewer Irfanview.
Allows to view the native image format of Paint.NET.

xcf2pdn see 'GIMP Tools'

Converts a layered xcf image file to a layered pdn image file.

see 'GIMP Tools'

Converts a layered pdn image file to a layered xcf image file.

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